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BitInnovate closed! - A New source for Australian buyers needed?

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OmniBazaar - Full review ICO

OmniBazaar - Full review ICO
OmniBazaar is a new type of e-commerce marketplace that removes the middlemen and bankers from e-commerce. OmniBazaar uses a patented “peer-to-peer-to-peer” architecture to remove the middlemen. It uses cryptocurrencies to eliminate the bankers. OmniBazaar fees are up to 100% lower than those of existing e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. OmniBazaar users deal directly with each other, rather than through a central site like Amazon or eBay.
With OmniBazaar, online buyers benefit from lower prices, and escape from "big data" tracking and "push" marketing. Social influencers enjoy a simple referral system that allows them to monetize their social networks. Users can make money by publishing listings for other user or providing escrow services in the marketplace.
OmniBazaar uses Bitcoin and OmniCoins for payment (instead of credit cards or PayPal). So, OmniBazaar provides a “gateway” for new cryptocurrency users to acquire their first bitcoins or OmniCoins. These new users can get coins by selling goods and services in the OmniBazaar Marketplace. This reduces the “barriers to entry” when first acquiring cryptocurrencies.
Looking at a marketplace where Buyers and sellers deal directly with each other, without an intermediary. With no central site or responsible authority monitoring the content of listings, such sites can become havens for criminal activities. E-Commerce market. OmniBazaar includes awards for the promotion of mode self-locking user (OmniCoin), efficient marketing system, social messages, tracking reputation, security agents, as well as the participation and growth of users


Fast Transactions

OmniCoin can process over 50,000 transactions per second – more than Visa and Mastercard combined. Confirmation of transactions occurs in less than 10 seconds. This gives OmniCoin the ability to serve the e-commerce market on a global scale.

Advanced Consensus System

Proof of Participation (PoP) is a new cryptocurrency security protocol. One component of PoP is the Distributed Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol of Bitshares. We have extended and expanded DPoS by including four other metrics. The software uses these metrics to determine which group of users may process transactions. PoP entrusts the processing of transaction only to the most active marketplace users. These users would have the most to lose by trying to hack or attack the blockchain.

Utility in the Marketplace

OmniCoin tokens allow users to buy and sell quickly and easily in the OmniBazaar marketplace. They also facilitate the escrow process, registration of listings, and the reputation system in the marketplace. You can earn OmniCoins by performing services in the OmniBazaar marketplace, but they do not confer any ownership, dividends or control of the system. OmniCoins are designed to be a utility, not a security.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trade cryptocurrencies without the need to trust a central site. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies locally, without a middle-man.

Distributed Escrow

OmniCoin has an escrow module to allow volunteer users to mediate between buyers and sellers who do not know or trust each other. We have implemented the OmniCoin escrow feature using 2-of-3 multi-signature transactions. It is easy to use and has a distributed network of escrow agents. Users pay a small fee to the chosen escrow agent when they choose to use the escrow feature.

Token information:

  • Soft cap = $2,000,000.
  • Hard cap = $20,100,00.
  • Advisor, faucet and previous crowd-funding allocations are not included in hard cap or soft cap.
  • Proceeds of token sales will be donated to, and administered by, OmniCoin Foundation.
  • Unsold tokens will be retained by OmniCoin Foundation, and may be used or sold in the future.


Learn more:

Website: Twitter: Telegram: Reddit: Medium: White Paper :
MyProfile ANN:;u=1931085
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Buying BTC with AUD - Current Summary for Aussies

So it seems that a pretty common question is "How do I buy Bitcoins with X". This is a list of the ways I am aware of and my experiences with each (where applicable) for buying BTC with AUD.
I'll split the below into two Parts. Services I've used, and services I haven't. Please let me know if I've left anyone out
I've used:
I've not used (but will test soon):
Name Current (AUD/BTC) Fee Speed Method Notes
MTGox USD (in AUD) 12.08 - - - MTGox USD rate converted to AUD using Google; 0.9557 AUD per USD
MTGox AUD 12.19 0.91% + 3.95% (~4.9%) One business day [YMMV] (transferred at 04:00 Thursday, processed 13:30 Friday. Once cash deposit via AusPost comes out this will be VERY competitive (3% fee) Domestic Bank Transfer 3.95% is the deposit fee.
Bitpiggy 13.13 8.69% 7-12 hours w/ NAB (Transferred 04:00 Thursday, had coins by 11:30 Thursday); One business day w/ other banks Domestic Bank Transfer The first time I used Bitpiggy after it came back up I was called by NAB to confirm the transaction was legit.
MrBitcoins 13.16 8.94% That evening Cash Deposit Affiliated with CryptoXChange
SpendBitcoins 13.57 12.37% That evening Cash Deposit Used many times before Bitpiggy was back up. Fee includes 10% fee and Current price is an amalgamation.
- - - - - -
CryptoXChange 12.28 1.66% + $5+0.6% - Cash Deposit The $5+0.6% is the processing fee for a cash deposit. For amounts over $1000 this fee is 0 (temporarily)
BitInnovate 13.43 11.17% - Cash Deposit Fee includes 9.9% fee, current price is an amalgamation
Omnicoins 13.15 8.86% - Cash Deposit -
Local (All) Varies Var. - Cash - In Person Range of exchange rates. Mostly rather reasonable. Possibly some abandoned listings (either very high price or very low)
Local (Sydney) 12.76 5.63% - Cash - In Person Basically the same price as MTGox, I will be trying this method soon; there's a seller on George St, Sydney; very excited
- - - - - -
WeExchange unknown unknown - Bank Transfer Site appears to be in beta. I was unable to register. Possibly requires invitation code.
If anyone has any more info or comments I'll add them to the above.
The "Fee" above is taken to mean "how much more expensive is it to buy BTC with AUD than an optimum conversion". The Current AUD/BTC ratio was taken at about 3pm Sydney time, 21/09/2012. CXC: 5pm.
Also, where I talk about "Thursday" above, I'm talking about yesterday. I've been buying BTC with AUD for more than a year, most of that time was with SpendBitcoins. To be clear, I've never had an issue with any of these services before, I usually decide which to use based on the current rate.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the above services.
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Is MSC/Omni a good speculation?

From my research I have seen basically 2 answers to my question: * 1. Absolutely not! Mastercoins will not be worth much even if it is an extremely useful technology. * 2. Maybe, since master coins exist in such limited quantities and will possess advanced power-user features - master coins/omnis will be very valuable.
I will continue doing research so your opinions about Omnicoins potential as a speculative asset will be appreciated. I will not use them, only hold for a significant rise in price.
There was a thought provoking idea put out about bitcoins being used sold as a money transmitter - even if used for every transaction in the world bitcoin would only need to be priced at about $300 (if not used as a store of value)
It seems to me that Masteomnicoin is even more likely to not be held as any longterm store of value - its only function so far being to create derivative coins (ala Maidsafe, Tether, etc).
It seems to me that holding Omnis is not a thing to do... Thoughts?
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Omnicoin on Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex is the primary exchange for buying and selling Omnicoin. Check out the Omnicoin market here:
Just make an account, send Omnicoin or Bitcoin to your account's wallet, and you are ready to start a buy or sell order for the price you want.
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BITCOIN PRICE ***what is happening in the crypto space ... OneCoin Exchange and Price Prediction 2020 to 2021 Best Financial Exchange OneCoin and Bitcoin OmniCoin Ico Review - Best e-commerce Coin OneCoin Price Will be 150 EURO in 2019

Omni price today is $3.87 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $480,907 USD. Omni is up 0.17% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #998, with a market cap of $2,175,100 USD. It has a circulating supply of 562,765 OMNI coins and the max. supply is not available. You can find the top exchanges to trade Omni listed on our OmniCoin has an escrow module to allow volunteer users to mediate between buyers and sellers who do not know or trust each other. We have implemented the OmniCoin escrow feature using 2-of-3 multi-signature transactions. It is easy to use and has a distributed network of escrow agents. Users pay a small fee to the chosen escrow agent when they choose to use the escrow feature. Bitcoin Price; Ethereum Price; Litecoin Price; Binance Coin Price; Monero Price; MimbleWimbleCoin Price; How to; Trade Boasting a community of over eight million people, eToro is one of the leading global trading and investment platform – and it specialises in cryptocurrencies. Although there are more than 1,200 assets to trade on eToro, which was founded in 2007, it is in the crypto space t Omnicoin price today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . It has a circulating supply of 0 coins and a max supply of 13.4 Million coins. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as Omni Layer (formerly Mastercoin) is a digital currency and communications protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain. On May 24, 2018 the OMNI coin price was 26,31 USD.

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BITCOIN PRICE ***what is happening in the crypto space ...

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