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Supporting independent providers/backbones?

Hi! I'm a Usenet user since almost 10 years. I have been on a whole lot of different providers over the years and at the moment I'm using a block account by a provider that I am pretty sure is a re-seller for Omicron. I am looking at buying an unlimited account for a year and after reading around the web about the state of Usenet I see that Omicron (formerly Highwinds) has increased their monopoly even more than a few years ago. It's a bad development and I would really like to put my money in to some independent provider to keep diversity alive.
As far as I can see from, the providers with 1000 days+ retention that have nothing to do with Omicron are all based on the Abavia backbone (for EU at least) and the best priced ones are Cheapnews and XS news. I exclude Giganews because they are expensive and Newsguy because it's a US provider. Are these truly my only options?
So basically I'm down to Abavia and if looking for lowest price then Cheapnews seems to be my only option? Can I be sure that I do not support Omicron if I select Cheapnews, does anyone have any inside info on what stance cheapnews takes against buying from (selling out to) Omicron?
My preferences are: EU based, not in any way affiliated with Omicron, accepts Bitcoin and out of these three criteria, the cheapest/highest retention would be the best of course.
Edit: I went with UsenetExpress as suggested by a user in the comments and so far I'm happy. They take Bitcoin payments, are independent and even though they only have servers in the US (for a bit longer) I still almost max out my 250mbit line. I get 20MB/s from their server and from most EU providers I get around 25-27MB/s, so not bad at all. For anyone wondering they have a good deal right now of 35$ for a year, which is what I used.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support!
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So I finally got around to dumping Giganews, Now what?

I am not a heavy user. Even on my heaviest months I am under 500GB, but usually closer to 150. The $20/mo Giganews has been getting out of me for 2 years has just been a massive overpayment.
What would you suggest I replace it with? Astraweb? Newsgroup Direct terabyte tuesday blocks? Just a variety of block accounts? The more specific you can be with your suggestions for providers/strategies the better. Also , I very much prefer bitcoin ( or doge ;-) as a payment option.
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Any recommended Usenet providers that accept Bitcoin?

Since many VPNs and indexers do accept Bitcoin and allow for basically anonymous sign-up, I'm curious if there are any options in the Usenet world.
I'm using a Giagnews reseller, which IMO has been solid, but are there any good alternatives that take BTC? Any recommendations from this crowd?
Seems like no Giganews backbone offers Bitcoin from all my searches.
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Just need a point in the right direction.

I've been thinking of taking the plunge into usenet for years now, but recently i just got finished building my dream FreeNAS box and usenet naturally followed.
So after spending a little frustration and a lot of time, I got a mikrotik board running as it should hooked up to a freenas board running plex (after giving up on emby, but that's a whole other set of frustration), sabnzbd, sonarr (with jackett running alongside helping it), couch potato, headphones, and mylar.
Let me preface this by saying I am NOT begging for an invite, just need some suggestions / a nudge in the right direction...
ok, so after a month of stalking usenetinvites and some random forum, it seems like a futile effort and now focusing my effort on good free indexes that are "little known" or that i can build up "reputation" on over time. also, let me know if anything on this configuration would hinder anything. my giganews free trial's data limit just hit a few hours ago and after doing some research with my limited knowledge, i bought a subscription to supernews (i don't need the fancy vpn's or dns services).
as for indexes, the ones i'm using are newztown, nzbplanet, dusky.deepcave, and the limited access nzbzombie, usenet-crawler then oznzb as the backup via sab. i do not have access to bitcoin for a long personal reason, but was able to get headphone's indexer / musicbrainz mirror via paypal for use with the headphones service. also, i was able to get an invite to an indexer called Sytanek(dot)com but i could not find any information at all on it online, and the index look like it is used by 1 or two people so opted to not touch it for the time being.
now my question is this: what of those free indexers should i drop and what should i replace them with and is that sytanek as fishy as it looks? also, i was reading about sickrage, is it worth replacing sonarr with it? any and all help would be very greatly appreciated
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Giganews ist ein US-amerikanischer Anbieter für Dienste im Bereich des Usenets, den es bereits seit dem Jahre 1994 gibt. Das Unternehmen hat seinen Sitz in Austin, Texas. Giganews gilt als weltweit bester Provider für Dienstleistungen im Bereich Usenet und hebt sich besonders durch die sehr langen Vorhaltezeiten und das umfangreiche Angebot an Testpaketen von seinen Konkurrenten hervor. Giganews ist ein Usenet Provider aus den USA, den es bereits seit dem Jahre 1994 gibt. Das Unternehmen hat seinen Sitz in Austin, Texas. Giganews ist einer der weltweit größten Provider im Bereich Usenet und hebt sich durch die sehr langen Vorhaltezeiten und dem guten Ruf von seinen Konkurrenten hervor. Giganews is one of the oldest and most well-known Usenet Service Providers. ... There is no options to pay using bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Free Trial All of Giganews’ packages come with a 14-day trial option. You can cancel any time before your first billing cycle kicks in. There’s no required commitment, so if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can easily cancel. Once ... Giganews started life back in 1994 with just one news server on a single workstation. The company has since grown into a massive Usenet operation with four data centers across the US and Europe ... Giganews will not rent or sell user information to third parties. Payment Options. Major credit cards only, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and credit cards through PayPal. Giganews does not accept wire transfers or Bitcoin payments. Our Opinion

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