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Satoshi birthday 7 million quiz

To celebrate Satoshi's birthday I am giving away a brain wallet with some satoshis on it. Not much, only 7 million, which is about $350 now. This is just for fun and to experiment with this format. Maybe help people learn about brain wallets.
I have just sent the satoshis to the first address in the brain wallet.
To find the seed, answer the following 7 quiz questions (multiple choice). The SHA 256 hash of all correct answers combined is the wallet seed. Insert one space between answers.
Brute forcing all 16384 possible combinations is a trivial exercise if you are prepared for this kind of quiz and have hours or days of time at your disposal. I count on that not being the case and the race getting decided by who gets the perfect answer first by either knowing the answer or searching faster than others. From that point on it still takes some time to derive and sweep the relevant private key from the brain wallet seed. And of course you need to know how to do that in the first place. If multiple perfect scoring answers compete in that race, it may be a matter of luck which sweeping transaction confirms first.
Let's see how long it takes before someone sweeps that address. It will be interesting to see if it takes more or less than the average ten minutes for finding a block.
  1. On December 7, 2010 a) There was a guy describing himself as an ordained priest offering to "bless your dildo" for only one bitcoin on the Bitcoin subreddit. b) Satoshi was a moderator of the Bitcoin subreddit with the user name noagendamarker. c) The Bitcoin subreddit had less subscribers than Satoshi's age at the time. d) There were were only two posts about price on the Bitcoin subreddit.
  2. Satoshi chose April 5 as his birthday because the American government prohibited private holding of gold on that day. Which of the following is correct? a) The government paid less than the world market price for gold when they prohibited private holding that day. b) Roosevelt had the authority to do this under the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and the executive order also prohibited importing gold into the United States. c) Franklin D. Roosevelt required all American citizens by executive order 6102 to deliver all of their gold at the fixed price of $20.67 before May 1st. d) In a challenge to this executive order the government won by a 6 to 3 majority decision at the Supreme Court.
  3. If you mined bitcoins on Satoshi's 34th birthday, you would on average mine (according to a post by Satoshi) a) A few tens of bitcoins a day. b) A few bitcoins a day. c) A few thousand bitcoins a day. d) A few hundred bitcoins a day.
  4. Which of the following Bitcoin burn addresses has the largest balance? a) 1AndrewYangForPresident2o2ozm6Pzd. b) 1WarrenForPresident2o2oxxxy3DCZMZ. c) 1SandersForPresident2o2oxxxvYnPyW. d) 1TRUMPforPresident2o2oxxxxxAvY6s.
  5. The author of a paper proposing a practical escrow cash system in 1996 was a) Satoshi Sakamoto. b) Tatsuaki Okamoto. c) Satoshi Nakamoto. d) Tatsuaki Nakamura.
  6. The small girl looking at the two most famous pizzas in history in 2010 was a) wearing a red t-shirt. b) wearing a green t-shirt. c) wearing a blue t-shirt. d) wearing a yellow t-shirt.
  7. RPOW was a proof-of-work based system using trusted computing. It ran on a) an IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. b) an Intel 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. c) an AMD 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. d) a Dell 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor.
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CDT V01 - Episode 1.1 - Introduction Intel MIC programming as Accelerator 20140306 1909 1 Bitcoins Minen SO Geht´s German/Deutsch ! Was ist Bitcoin? GTX 2080 kommt  Mining-CPU von Intel  Deutsches Mobilfunknetz Intel Xeon Phi Immersion Cooling Concept (64 Teraflops in 3U)

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CDT V01 - Episode 1.1 - Introduction

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