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UPDATE: on Request for Position from the Colorado M.E.D.

I need to make this brief as I'm heading out the door. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to tell everyone what happened on Wednesday when Rachel G. spoke with the M.E.D.
In summary, they are in general supportive and understanding as a whole, but they don't want to specifically approve the use of virtual currencies. That's perfectly fine. All we are asking is that they state they do not prohibit the use of alternative/virtual currencies. Even that position they still don't feel entirely comfortable with and would like to have more information before making a decision.
What I have learned is that this is really just about bureaucracy over logical reasoning. They want to understand how a transaction would work from consumer to merchant and from potcoin to cash. They want to be assured that transactions are recorded at time of sale in US dollars and audit-able. Well, of course they do and we can show that but it must be simplified for understanding by those who do not have knowledge of virtual currencies.
I have asked that we set another time to meet in person and allow them all the time they need to make a proper decision. So, I would like to present two solutions.
The first being a simple One Page Infographic describing the process of selling marijuana for cryptocurrency and describing the key controls along the path (USD conversion, audit trail, integration with existing POS). Much like Morgan Spurlock showed the world in his recent CNN special where he proved he could live off of Bitcoin, we need to show the simplicity and compliance of an average transaction but for marijuana.
The second solution is in addition to the first. We could offer to maintain compliance with PCI-DSS, the digital security standard of the credit card industry. It's fairly simple to be compliant, but it's obviously not entirely applicable to virtual currencies but the tenets of security are.
By educating them at a higher level and offering additional assurance through security compliance we may be able to win them over. The need a simple and compelling explanation to take to the top (affectionately referred to as the The Wizard of M.E.D.) for final approval.
I will be working on this with our core DA team this weekend and we will schedule another meeting with the M.E.D. before the end of the month. Expect an answer sometime in April... so fitting.
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CNN’s Inside Man Will Do An Episode On Bitcoin - Bitcoin Education
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What does Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man mean for Bitcoin? Living on Bitcoin for a Week (CNN) Morgan Spurlock Morgan Spurlock 1 Woche mit Bitcoins leben Bitcoinszeit

Morgan Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in inside Man Virtual money sounds like scam, but Bitcoin, is a new form of currency that's intangible by design. Spurlock dives into Bitcoin in this week's Inside Man Virtual money sounds like scam,... See More at Earn With Bitcoin. Posted by Teri Fred at 8:18 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to ... “Super Size Me” director Morgan Spurlock is using his own experience to explain the growing popularity of bitcoin on a CNN documentary called "Inside Man.". The show is set to air February 19 ... The big day is finally here. Morgan Spurlock released his awaited Inside Man reveal on Bitcoin and it doesn’t disappoint. You can watch the full episode here on YouTube, but its unknown if CNN will take it down for copyright violation (lets hope not). For those with a CNN Go account they can watch it online here.However if you’re reading this chances are you either just found out about the ... Morgan Spurlock Inside Man —. Brokerage Center. While run-of-the-mill purchases are arduous, the episode points out that illegal and illicit activities are relatively Brokerage Center. While run-of-the-mill purchases are arduous, the episode points out that illegal and illicit activities are relatively bitcoin meetup vod do decentralizovan m ny karel fillner 7 2 2017 using the dark web. Buying bitcoin: Morgan Spurlock looks to live off online currency National/World News. by: CNN Wire. Posted: Feb 18, 2015 / 03:44 PM MST / Updated: Feb 18, 2015 / 03:44 PM MST. This is an archived ...

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What does Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man mean for Bitcoin?

Morgan Spurlock On Why He Chose Chicken Over McDonalds For 'Super Size Me 2' Los Angeles Times - Duration: 1:32. Los Angeles Times 18,673 views With the release of CNN's latest documentary on Bitcoin, led by none other than Morgan Spurlock himself, it begs the question, "What does this mean for Bitco... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.