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Vertnode - An automated solution for installing Vertcoin node(s) on Single Board Computers

Hello Vertcoin Community,
Eager to contribute to the Vertcoin Community I began creating step by step walkthrough guides on how to get a Vertcoin node up and running on a Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Zero and Intel NUC. Along with information to get a Vertcoin node up and running was also optional steps to install p2pool-vtc.
I decided that while this step by step guide might be helpful to a few, a setup script may prove to be useful to a wider range of people. I have this script to a point where I think it may be productive to share with a bigger audience, for those who are brave and have this hardware sitting around or like to tinker with projects; I invite you to test this setup script if you are interested, if you run into errors any sort of verbose console output of the error proves to be extremely helpful in troubleshooting.
The script was designed to produce a “headless” server... meaning we will not be using a GUI to configure Vertcoin or check to see how things are running. In fact, once the server is set up, you will only interact with it using command line calls over SSH. The idea is to have this full node be simple, low-power, with optimized memory usage and something that “just runs” in your basement, closet, etc.
Why run a headless node on a Single Board Computer?
The idea is to have this full node be simple, low-power, with optimized memory usage and something that “just runs” in your basement, closet, etc.
Required: USB Flash Drive 6GB - 32GB
Please note that the script was designed for Single Board Computers first and looks for an accessible USB Flash Drive to use for storing the blockchain and swap file, as constant writing to a microSD can degrade the health of the microSD.


All of the hardware listed above is hardware that I have personally tested / am testing on myself. The plan is to continue expanding my arsenal of single board computers and continue to add support for more hardware to ensure as much compatibility as possible.
It is worth noting that LIT can be ran with multiple configurations, the ones displayed in the Post Installation Report reflect values that run LIT with the Vertcoin Mainnet. Please be aware that the Vertcoin Testnet chain has not been mined 100% of the time in the past, if you make transactions on the Vertcoin testnet that do not go through it is likely because the chain has stopped being mined.

Vertcoin Testnet Coins

I've included some documentation on LIT I created which includes information I found to be useful: https://github.com/e-corp-sam-sepiol/vertnode/blob/mastedocs/lit.md
Please visit the mit-dci/lit github repository for the most up to date information on lit: https://github.com/mit-dci/lit

Vertnode | Automated Vertcoin Node Installation Script


Recommended: Use Etcher to install the chosen OS to your microSD card / USB flash drive.

If you intend on installing Ubuntu Server 16.04 to your Intel NUC please use Etcher to install the .iso to your USB flash drive.

Ubuntu Server 16.04 Setup Details

You can use different clients to ssh into your node. One option is using PuTTY or Git Bash on Windows which is included in the desktop version of Git. If you are using Linux you can simply open a new terminal window and ssh to the IP address of your node (hardware you intend installing the Vertcoin node on).
You will need to know the IP address of your node, this can be found on your router page.
ssh -l pi For example, this command uses ssh to login to using the -l login name of pi. The IP address of your node will likely be different for you, in this example I am logging into a Raspberry Pi which has a default login name of pi.
A brief list of commands that can be used to check on the Vertcoin node status:
vertcoin-cli getblockchaininfo | Grab information about your blockchain
vertcoin-cli getblockcount | Grab the current count of blocks on your node
vertcoin-cli getconnectioncount | Grab the current count of connections to your node. A number of connections larger than 8 means that you have incoming connections to your node. The default settings are to make 8 outgoing connections. If you want incoming connections please port forward your Raspberry Pi in your Router settings page.
vertcoin-cli getpeerinfo | Grab the information about the peers you have connected to / are connected to
vertcoin-cli getnettotals | Grab network data, how much downloaded/upload displayed in bytes
tail -f ~/.vertcoin/debug.log | Output the latest lines in the Vertcoin debug.log to see verbose information about the Vertcoin daemon (ctrl+c to stop)
Thank you to all who have helped me and inspired me thus far, @b17z, @jamesl22, @vertcoinmarketingteam, @canen, @flakfired, @etang600, @BDF, @tucker178, @Xer0
This work is dedicated to the users of Vertcoin, thank you for making this possible.
7/20/2018 Thank you @CommodoreAmiga for the incredibly generous tip <3
You can reach me @Sam Sepiol#3396 on the Vertcoin Discord, here on reddit or @ [email protected]
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Freelance needed Virtualizor / KVM

Hello everyone .

I don't know if this is the correct sub-reddit but you all are the experts... (thanks very much for you help ) 

I am looking for some hired help, with setting up Virtualizor by Softaculous. This is a project I am doing for a Non-Profit. They have there hearts sold on Virtualizor. I have no experience with this software. After a few failed attempts I realize it is time to call for help.

Task that need to be completed
1) install Virtualizor on Hetzner Server (prefer Ubuntu as host Os)
2) configure bridge networking.
  1. (we have IP's with MAC addressing already)
3) Build 2 Vps Running Webuzo /Ubuntu version ISO

If I can find the right person I have some future work. With setting up Power DNS and some site design.

Send me a quote to do these tasks and amount of time you need to complete? I will gladly pay with Pay-Pal or Bitcoins.
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I'm making a custom distro (CJBuntu), what do you want on it?

It will be based on Ubuntu, with version numbering in the form of (Ubuntu year)(Ubuntu month as A or B, for .04 and .10 respectively)(CJBuntu release). So, a version based on the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04, if it was the third release of CJBuntu, would be 12B3. The first version will be 11B1.
Obviously for version 11B1 there are a lot of things that I could do or include, but I'm trying to keep it at a minimum. I'm going to be removing things like Unity and Quadrapassel and including cjdns, but there's other software that I could include too. I'd like to do some of that, but keep it manageable so I can release this ISO quickly. I'd like to hear as many ideas as possible, and cull it from there. Don't feel bad if what you want doesn't make it in, there's always another release!
Things I'd like help with:
What I'm adding to vanilla Ubuntu:
What I'm taking out:
Stuff in the next version (I hope):
What will probably never come default in CJBuntu, but can be installed by people who want it:
EDIT: The first version will be 11B1, not 10B1. I always meant to base it on Ubuntu 11.10 so I'm not really sure what I was thinking of when I typed that. I'm going to blame it on being tired all day. Bleh.
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Make Ubuntu fork with POS software built in.

What I would like ideally is a linux distro I can install to have a working POS system for a coop grocery store.
I found this: http://www.wedge.coop/is4c/ Several coops are using it, but it is not updated and doesn't seem to have any activity. I can't actually get it to run because so many packages it needs can't be found. This appears to be a project to improve it: https://github.com/maxolasersquad/FLOSS-POS
Is there someone out there who would be able to take this roll it into an Ubuntu iso that can be easy installed and administered on various PC's to use as checkouts (and a server) in a grocery store?
I am willing to pay some bitcoin for this. Not sure how much, tell me what can be done, and give a quote. I will likely want to make numerous upgrades to the system once it's working as well.
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Briehost.com (VPS) now accepting Cannacoin!

Announcement: 8/13 Briehost.com now accepting Cannacoin!

I was just messaged by the admins at briehost.com to let me know that they are now accepting Cannacoin for their virtual private servers(kvm)! Currently If you wish to purchase using your CCN you can send a support request while they work on integrating an automated checkout solution. I encourage users to give them a shot and show some support! Again, thanks to the admins at Briehost.com!
Here's a note from their BTCTalk Thread:
Bitcoin Related Infrastructure Enhancement Host, officially Brie Host, has launched! We are a US based hosting company providing KVM servers based out of Los Angeles with more locations (and OpenVZ and Xen virtualization) coming soon!
Virtual private servers are provisioned automatically. Clients have full access to their server via Solus panel and have VNC access from browser or their favorite VNC client.
Our goal is to provide the best and most straight-forward Virtual Private Servers money can buy. We offer installation from ISO or Template to suit your needs and allow you all the customization you want. Current operating systems supported are: CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. We are not just limited to those! If you provide the ISO, we can install any OS you would like.
We accept Bitcoin, Paypal, and any publicly traded alternate crypto currency. We are working on getting a payment gateway set up for virtually every crypto currency, though until it is ready please open a support ticket with our Sales Department to get a quote for any alt-coin.
Our servers are priced to move and our prices will not last! Those who sign up now will get the price locked in perpetuity. We are so sure that you will love our service that we are offering an unconditional 14 day money back guarantee on all Virtual Private Servers.
Go check them out: https://briehost.com
Follow them on twitter for instant updates: https://twitter.com/BrieHost
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Install OS from ISO using iDRAC - YouTube Ubuntu Server 20.04  Quick Install - YouTube Bitcoin Install and Update on Ubuntu Linux ( my experience ) How to install Bitcoin Core wallet in any Linux distribution Installing Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on Hyper-V - YouTube

In this article, I am going to install the tftpd-hpa TFTP server package on Ubuntu (Ubuntu 19.04 in my case). The package tftpd-hpa is available in the official package repository of Ubuntu. So, you can easily install it with the APT package manager. First, update the APT package repository cache with the following command: $ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released April 23, 2020, succeeding Ubuntu 19.10 as the latest stable release of this hugely popular Linux-based operating system. Ok Now we start a tutorial about install ubuntu 20.04 lts server on VMware and if you want to read more about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, You could go Introducing Ubuntu 20.04 LTS article. Great! Let’s ... Download Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi and IoT devices, Ubuntu Core and all the Ubuntu flavours. Ubuntu is an open-source software platform that runs everywhere from the PC to the server and the cloud. Get Ubuntu server. Option 1: Multipass. On-demand Ubuntu Server VMs for Mac, Windows and Linux. Multipass provides instant Ubuntu VMs; Use cloud-init metadata for rapid cloud development and testing. New NUC10 (BXNUC10i5FNH4) with no operating system and downloaded 20.04 server iso from Ubuntu. I ... How to install Ubuntu Server 16.04 from USB (without cdrom)? 1. How to copy symlink files from the ISO Ubuntu installer to a usb stick ( for uefi machine )? 0. 20.04 USB installation fails. Hot Network Questions What exactly does the term "inverse probability" mean? A joke in German that I don ...

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Install OS from ISO using iDRAC - YouTube

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